Elected Officals
Federal Officeholders

                           U.S. Senator: Todd Young          U.S. President: Donald J. Trump            U.S. Vice President: Mike Pence       U.S. Representative: Jim Banks
State Officeholders

        Governor: Eric Holcomb                    Lieutenant Governor: Suzanne Crouch                  Secretary of State: Connie Lawson                State Auditor: Tera Klutz 

   State Treasurer: Kelly Mitchell                State Attorney General: Curtis Hill Jr.             State Senator, Dist. 13: Susan Glick            State Rep., Dist. 82: David Ober
County Officeholders

                                      Comissioner, Dist. 1: David Dolezal                  Comissioner, Dist. 2: Gary Leatherman             Comissioner, Dist. 3: David Abbott       

                                    Councilman, Dist. 1:  Thomas Janes                    Councilman, Dist. 2: Bernadette Lawson           Councilman, Dist. 3: Denise Lemmon     

                                    Councilman At-Large: Mary Wysong                  Councilman At-Large: Wayne Targgart              Councilman At-Large: Micheal Toles 

                       Circuit Court Judge: Hon. Michael Kramer      Superior Court Judge: Hon. Robert Kirsch      Superior Court Judge: Hon. Steve Hagen

       Treasurer: Michele Bricker                      Surveyor: Randy Sexton                 Clerk of Circuit Court: Michelle "Shelley" Mawhorter        Auditor: Tonya Marks  

       Assessor: Kim Carson                               Recorder: Candy Myers                                                  Prosecutor: Eric Blackman                                       Sheriff: Doug Harp

                                                               Mayor of Kendallville: SuzAnne Handshoe                     Mayor of Ligonier: Patty Fisel